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12-Apr-2020 21:55

They might, for example, make traffic lights obsolete. If the cars were all communicating with each other, they could simply slow down a bit and "slot" their way through intersections at steady speeds without ever causing a collision.

The researchers found that reducing reliance on stoplights would greatly cut down on delays and congestion. Cars would lower their speed to fit into a "slot" and then breeze right through the intersection without stopping. Except this also raises some difficult urban-planning questions. More broadly, accommodating people who walk or bike is going to be a major challenge for autonomous vehicles (AEVs).

A stoplight-free future is decades away, maybe more.

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Avoidant people neither accede to others' needs nor assert their own. Collaborative mode denotes high assertiveness and high cooperativeness.

As my colleague David Roberts says, it's wrong to imagine that AEVs will simply replace conventional vehicles on the road in a 1-1 fashion and all else will stay equal. Massive systemic changes are likely to emerge from a future filled with AEVs — changes that are very difficult to predict in advance.

It's much like how the advent of the internet didn't simply replace the postal service.

Cars will first need to be able to communicate not just with each other but likely with a central traffic controller.

And roads would have to be filled entirely with autonomous vehicles — if you had even one human driver, that could muck up the flow.Aussie Rules as is known in Australia pride itself in South Africa as an all-inclusive sport accommodating people of any form of background or affiliation.