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If you have an event coming up, like a wedding, an interview for a job, a court date, a surprise party, a first date, really anything, you can create a chart for the moment of the start of the event, and glean information about the event based on what is in the chart.A prominent Venus is good for getting along well as well as romantic events. A prominent Mars or Pluto can be common in events of violence.Please leave your comments if you have any suggestions or ideas about the naming.If there is any translations made in the Chinese Dong Hua subtitles, please do not hesitate and use the translations from the Dong Hua.

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The goal of the league is to establish a new world that both human and monsters can live in together peacefully.

Charts of the moment can be helpful in advance so you know what to expect, and after the fact, can show you what led to what.

They can also be used in advance for planning a specific moment to have an event (most often used for weddings).

Take care that, there may be spoilers in the description.

The English translations here may or may not be consistent with the existing translation of the comic.If they’re at critical degrees, conjunct difficult fixed stars, making hard aspects to Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto, or Venus or the 5th house ruler are retrograde, this would show that it probably won’t go very well.

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