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With that complete, download the latest version of XNA Game Studio 3.0, located at Install this package and when asked if you wish to open firewall ports for deployment to the Xbox 360, choose yes if you plan on doing development wiath the Xbox 360.However, if you wish to build the game from scratch using the steps here, you will need the asset package (graphics, sounds, etc.) that the game uses. Download, unzip, and have these asset files ready as the chapter progresses.Let’s start by building the Windows version of the game.As we progress, we will discuss how these items are loaded, the objects that represent them, and how to use them.In this method, you will see that a This method is used to update game logic. This is where user input is handled, the positions of sprites are changed, AI is performed, and so on.You can just drag and drop your game assets directly to the folder in your game project, and the XNA framework will take care of the rest.In this game, we will be using three types of content: graphics, sounds, and fonts.

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Essentially, you will pass off the updating and drawing work to these methods, depending on what screen is currently being displayed.

There are five methods you need to worry about as you progress. takes assets (graphics, sounds, fonts, etc.) included in your project and, at compile time, turns them into custom files that can be used directly by the XNA runtime on your PC, Xbox 360, or Zune device.

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