Zero rejection dating Free xxx adult role play chat

16-Oct-2019 13:07

If we acknowledge that the experience is painful, then why would we want to get back onto the horse or put our hand back on the stove?

Put simply, many things that are part of a painful process have rewards that balance out the pain.

Not once or twice or a dozen times; if you want online dating to work for you then be prepared to be rejected hundreds or even thousands of times.

Hopefully you proactively approach people you are interested in with messages.

However, be honest; recently, a famous billionaire in the technology industry was dumped by his actress girlfriend and his comment was that “it hurt bad.” That is an honest statement, dating rejection hurts and to minimize that pain is to devalue your experience.

Rejection doesn't feel great and sometimes it feels unfathomable but it shouldn't be something you permit to take away happiness from your life.

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